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Next Level: Empathic AI Art
to the revolutionary world of REAL arts
created by ARTIFICIAL brains
AI art is the new da Vinci of 21st century. It is rolling around the globe, sometimes getting more traction that traditional art. It is producing, but not drawing, it is imagining, but not dreaming. AI art is created by using months of work on the most advanced, the most powerful Machine Learning techniques. AIA arts are made by Machines, who try to become Human.
Empathic Artificial Intelligence
Psychological Climate on Twitter to High-Res Image creates art using cutting edge technology: Empathic Artificial Intelligence (eAI). Empathy stands for interpreting the psychological climate on Twitter on emotive topics.

The eAI considers:
  1. Thousands of real paintings to learn HOW to draw;
  2. Millions of Tweets to decide WHAT should be drawn.
The AI "understands" the aggregated mood of humanity on the most urgent issues (COVID, Climate Change, Inequality, etc). It draws new paintings using the learned experience and its own "gut feeling".
Unique NFT paintings: only limited number of each art work is available. No new prints will be produced once all the items are sold
State-of-the-art techniques: the most advanced high-end technologies are used to produce the paintings. Owning one is one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to touch modern progress...
AIA is now, for future
AI art is featured in...
A few examples of publications about AI art
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Frequently Asked Questions
who is the painter, how to buy, what to expect
How are the arts created?
AIA arts are created by specifically developed unique techniques in the Machine Learning area. Months of learning time are required in order to produce unique and meaningful piece of art produced by our Artificial Intelligence
How does AI read Twitter?
We employ Twitter historical databases to get the current semantic analysis of the worldwide mood with regards to the most important social, technological, or cultural events. An additional AI level has been designed by our group to let the machine feel what people think about the events.
How do machines learn to draw?
Our Machine Learning is given thousands of images that are used as training sets. Then, the machines are asked to produce something similar to what they have already seen. Note: machines do not compose new painting using pieced of seen arts; they draw new ones using their learning experience from scratch.
Do you supply a certificate of authenticity?
Yes. Each piece of art is numbered and supplied with a special certificate: in electronic format. The certificate will include the details of the paintings and a unique code identifying them.
Are the "sold out" paintings will ever be produced again?
No. AIA has strict rules of never producing additional series of art works already sold to customers in quantity more than initially specified. This decision is made to guarantee uniqueness and values of all pieces acquired by AIA customers.
Selected clients' reviews
Special Edition
AIA Project
AIA seeks to deliver the message about the significance and beauty of modern technology to the cultural world. Our team, consisting of experts in the field of art, computer science and mathematics, believes that contemporary art will inevitably strive for the deep integration of human natural talents and superpowers of computer intelligence. Working together, they will learn from an immense amount of data when creating new standards of beauty. Each picture posted in our gallery is a piece of historical value, forever capturing the beginning of a new creative era.
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