Fine art made by Artificial Intelligence
Acquire art from AI that thinks and draws like Dali, Monet, Picasso,
and other memorable masters of the past
AiA Studio presents
On-demand art generated by Artificial Intelligence.

We analyze thousands of paintings of the selected artist, his epoch, his influencer, style changes, and other factors in order to build highly intelligent artificial intelligence capable of creating and thinking like the deceased master of fine art.
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Do you want to own Dali, Monet, Picasso, or Warhol?
What if you had a chance to ask these painters to write your portrait?
Or have a smart chat with your friends, colleagues, or customers in front of a canvas made in the style of Monet but on the topic of Climate Change or COVID?
"AI Art is an opportunity to get into real fine art
without paying millions of dollars and with flexibility to tune the paintings in any way you want"
4 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence + Art =
New Must-Have
From masters' art style changes to their influencers to modern days - nothing is able to escape from the supercharged eyes of the intelligent machine
AI starts a new epoch of art
Artificial Intelligence creates a new epoch in art. The entire world is keeping an eye on those who bring that technology from the future down to Earth
Media attention is shooting
According to numerous international media, Artificial Intelligence Art is an extremely trendy topic as it is our destined future
Money flow into AI art area
A painting, created by artificial intelligence, was sold on Sotheby's for $432'500
With AI we can get something we could not even dream of
With AI art one gets an opportunity to order a portrait in the same style and with the same psychological motives as it would be drawn by Dali, Michelangelo, or any other famous master
Art experts, business leaders, and scientists say: "Now is the only best moment to get into AI Art"
it is much more than a pivotal moment in the history of art
The high competition will shoot prices further up
Humanity is just crossing the line when AI can be used to revive deceased art. Therefore, we are at the very dawn of new epoch and many niches are barely fit to create a wild competition
AI Art is exceptionally exclusive these days
Smart discussion in front of a canvas on your wall at home or at the office: that is what AI Art made in style of Monet can bring into your life
The most trusted marketplaces for art and luxury get into AI Art too
Even Sotheby's had an experience of selling art created by Artificial Intelligence. Their very first such painting (and the most primitive) was sold for a half-million dollars
It is like buying Monet before he became famous
Humanity is inevitably running into a deeply digital future. AI will play a major role in that upcoming world. Getting into AI Art is like buying Monet before he became famous
AI Art topic is utterly important now
as all large media are covering AI art
"AI Art is the new da Vinci of 21st century.
And AI Art of da Vinci is our future.
Its power is challenging to domesticate,
but over time everyone will speak about it."
Why should you acquire AI Art from AiA Studio?
we know that there are others who can do AI art. But the following differentiating factors make AiA Studio the unprecedented leader of the market
Our team has unique and diverse skills required to make legit, high quality, and high exclusivity AI art
AiA Studio consists of driven individuals with a diverse and unique set of skills and PhD degrees in Computer Sciences, Art, and Psychology
We demonstrate excellent track records as guarantee of high qiality future
The team has a time-proven track of successful projects, including establishing and leading small and medium enterprises as well as experience in innovating large organizations
We never leave our customers after the sale.
Each customer becomes a member of AiA Studio family and can always rely on our support and expertise. There is no need to worry about what will happen with the painting after the acquisition. We will help with all potential issues as we would help our family members
We employ the most secure modern technologies (NFTs) to ensure non-replicability and safety of each painting
This technology security was confirmed by multiple real scenarious when paintings worth ten millions of dollars were sold directly on blockchain through NFTs.
Reviews from our customers
Yuri Dvincev
IT expert
I'm not a fan of art, but I bought one painting out of sheer curiosity: who knows, maybe in a few months such work will be worth a fortune :-) In any case, the painting looks great on one of the walls of my living room.
Svetlana Riazanceva
Owner of Aroma Beans Cafe
I am happy to have a unique work of art on the wall of my cafe. It is always fun to see the impressed faces of our visitors when they are told that this picture was created by Artificial Intelligence!
Alex Timofeev
Father of three children
We were pleased to receive the ordered paintings on time. Both works look very high quality: bright colors and a solid frame.
Eduard Lesnicki
My wife and I are adepts of classical art and we would never have thought that something modern could come into our small collection, which is completely out of the usual classical field. But... the Wind of Change has come!
Meet Our People
Award-winning team with experience in fast growth and with diverse knowledge
Dr Vladimir Petrov
Founder and Director
With a background in physics and PhD in economics, Vladimir has a proven track record managing tech projects in big data, AI, and blockchain areas.
Kristina Kostina
PR and Marketing
Kristina has many years of experience in PR and successfully running SMEs. She is also a practicing psychologist and specialist in art therapy.
What is next?
While we are preparing our official art page (tbc soon), we are organizing an announcement event in Zurich. Read more details in the following section.
- Presentation AiA Studio Zurich
- Zurich, TBC

AiA Studio is preparing the first-ever event in Zurich, Switzerland, where AiA Studio paintings will be presented in front of live audience

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It is a new milestone in the history of art