President Trump Impeachment

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"President Trump Impeachment" is a product of a limited series of art pieces drawn by empathic artificial intelligence (eAI). The empathy part stands for interpreting the ongoing psychological climate on Twitter with regards to some particular worldwide topics.

The AI considered two channels of information:
  • Thousands of real paintings as the training set (to learn how to draw);
  • Up to millions of Tweets interpreted through semantic analysis (to decide what should be drawn).
The machine tried to "understand" the aggregated mood of humanity about one of the most urgent issues: **President Trump Impeachment (#Impeachment, #trumpImpeachment, etc)**. The "mood" footprint was collected on **February 9, 2021, at the top of the discussion around the Impeachment**.

This is a unique art piece depicting one of the most exceptional situations in humankind history.

The images presented in the description are intended to show the paintings in the interior of the house or gallery and do not represent the standard canvas size.

Each buyer of the work will get a link to the original version of the painting in PNG format 4096 x 4096 pixels. With each NFT, the original owner has the right to redeem a physical 20"x20" print of their work.

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